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[17 Nov 2004|03:59pm]


cuz i can and because we need something exciting in the community.. <333

2 want el sex.

[23 Aug 2004|11:39pm]

warning: advertisementCollapse )
1 want el sex.

THEMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [20 Aug 2004|10:45pm]

[ mood | awake ]

posted this a while ago but it was brought to my attention that some ppl didnt see it

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posted this a while ago but it was brought to my attention that some ppl didnt see it<cough april cough!>

so me and her are makin signs tonight...oh yeh. bitchtastic

show us REALLY how EL SEX u are!
take a pic of urself holding an EL_SEX sign.
but decorate it or sumthing. make it pretty draw us a picture.

show us were loved

and then we'll all vote for the best sign.

and then we'll make u a sign for being so cool. haha
there we go.

theres the theme.
now go go go!
el sex.

mm. el sex [20 Aug 2004|08:20pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

cos i got a new camera.

brooklyn is burning down the discotheque lets shake it.Collapse )

1 want el sex.

we were sooo bored [14 Aug 2004|09:10am]

[ mood | tired ]

well me and my friends got really bored and decided to be wiggers for a day, so we made a rap...


the only sad part is, people are actualy listening to it over and over again

el sex.

[04 Aug 2004|01:36pm]
hey everyone.
sorry ive been so inactive lately. i went away for the weekend. ill be posting and voting again in no time. sorry again <3.

- lesley <3 xo.
el sex.

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